Interview with Olivier Giroud – Part 3 – L’Esthète Giroud (ENG)

Third and last part of the interview with Olivier Giroud for Les Esthètes du Foot. The most appreciated striker in France speaks about football, Esthètes and acrobatic volleys without forgetting to do nutmegs and step-overs. This interview was recorded on March 14th 2012.


What is your top-3 of the most esthetic players ?

I would say Van Basten, Zidane and Schevchenko. (hesitating) No, no, sorry, take out Schevchenko and put Messi. And replace Zidane by Schevchenko (so Van Basten, Schevchenko and Messi).

Which technical skill do you like to realize ?

The accrobatic volley.

Is there a technical skill that you would dream to realize on the pitch ?

One I would like to realize ? Well, I already do all that I want so…(laughs), i’m joking. I don’t really know, let’s say, a double step-over with a nutmeg…

With a sombrero to conclude ?

(Laughs) No, no, but I dont realize many nutmegs and I appreciate this skill. Last time I think it was Abdennour from Toulouse who took one of them at La Mosson (Montpellier Stadium).

We appreciated your right-foot lob against Sochaux…

There is nothing better for a striker than to score goals. I am lucky to score this season so this lob was not THE goal that makes me dream. What I would like to realize is more a skill to make the show, to entertain the supporters such as a nutmeg with a shot in the top corner.

Which game has been the most exciting to you recently ?

The derby Manchester United – Manchester City with Rooney’s acrobatic volley in the top corner.

Who is the defender the most difficult to play you ever met on the pitch ?

I would say my pal Laurent Koscielny.

With 49,5% shots on goal you are the most accurate player of Ligue 1. What is your secret ?

I think that I’ve been so used to have few occasions that…A striker needs to be efficient and in order to be, you need to shoot on target otherwise you will never manage to score. I’m working a lot, I always loved that  and I think i’ve always had some abilities for that. I’ve a good quality of shoot, I’m always trying to shoot on target and it’s really one of my best strenghts.

What do you think about Messi scoring 5 goals in one Champion’s League game ?

It makes me dream. You realize that you’re not doing the same job

Do you think you will leave your mark on the Champion’s League ?

I’ll try to score one goal and then we’ll see step by step.  I’m someone quite reasonable, and the first step yet is to play this Champion’s League.

A big thank you to Olivier Giroud for his availability.

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